Dead Animal Removal & Odor Control

We locate and safely dispose of dead wildlife in your home or business.

How to Know if You Have a Dead Animal in Your Structure

The most common sign there is a dead animal is the smell caused by decomposition. As decomposition progresses, fluids begin to leak out and can soak in to concrete, brick, wood and other nearby surfaces. The bad smell can last from days to months, depending on the size of the animal and environmental conditions. Further, this process attracts other insects and animals like flies, beetles and worms hoping to feed on the carcass. These scavengers can compound your problems. Commonly found dead animals include raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, opossums, skunks and even stray dogs and cats.
Unpleasant odors, stains, disease, contamination and further pest infestation are things a homeowner faces when dealing with this problem. A dead animal in a wall, attic, under floorboards, under porches or crawl space may be difficult to access or handle without the help of a professional wildlife removal specialist. Undisposed bodies can pose a risk to your health or the health of your pets.
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Dead Wildlife Prevention

The foolproof way to prevent this unfortunate experience is to keep the critters out to begin with. Call BigHeart to inspect your property and incorporate exclusion methods before you have a problem. If wildlife has previously accessed your structure, that entry point will remain until it has been sealed and fixed.

Services We Provide:

  • Property inspection and location of carcass
  • Removal of dead animal
  • Sanitation and odor control
  • Wildlife remediation and exclusion services

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